Sticky Condolence list for Tim, Paul and Carl

      Condolence list for Tim, Paul and Carl

      Mit Bedrückung und tiefer Trauer erfuhren wir vor wenigen Minuten, das Tim Samaras, sein Sohn Paul und Carl Young während eines Chasings in Oklahoma getötet wurden…

      Da viele von uns Tim durch seine Besuche des Extremwetterkongresses persönlich kannten, halten wir es für mehr als angebracht eine öffentliche Kondolenzliste zu eröffnen in der sich jeder eintragen kann. Wir werden den Thread bis Donnerstag Abend offen halten, danach werden wir eine Kopie davon den Angehörigen von Tim, Paul und Carl zukommen lassen. Bitte denkt daher daran Eure Nachrichten in Englisch zu verfassen.

      With deep sadness we heard a few minutes ago, that Tim Samaras, his son Paul and Carl Young where killed during a Chasing in Oklahoma ...

      Many of us know Tim personally through his visits to the Severe Weather Congress, so we believe it is more than appropriate to open a condolence list in which anyone can enter. We will keep the thread open until Thursday night, then we will leave a copy of it to the families of Tim, Paul and Carl. Please remember to write your messages in English.

      Das gesamte Team der SCE Community
      rest in peace
      Stille ist ein Schweigen, das den Menschen Augen und Ohren öffnet....für eine andere Welt!!!!

      Es ist nicht zu wenig Zeit, die wir haben ....... es ist zu viel Zeit, die uns fehlt!

      Lg Micha....Der mit den Wolken tanzt ;)
      Hope you're all doing fine being in heaven now and chasing tornadoes from above. You guys died in something which was your passion and what you lived for.
      It is a big loss in all of our hearts. You'll always be remembered and missed by us while being outside chasing storms - no matter where in the world.

      Rest in peace guys

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      With Tim Samaras quite a big Stormchaser and also researcher of us has gone,
      together with his son and Carl Young he leaves in a big gap...

      I wish the members of the affected families of Samaras and Young, as well as all friends the strength to process this loss...

      Deeply touched I would like to pronounce to you to all my condolences

      André Gembitzki
      Dieser Beitrag ist unter widrigsten Umständen und mit Hilfe einer Taschenlampe in das offene Ende eines Glasfaserkabels gemorst worden...
      When we heard about it this morning we were all shocked. How can this happen, such experienced chasers were killed by a tornado? We couldn´t believe it. But mother nature is unpredictable. That´s what we actually love, and that´s what they loved. Our thoughts are with the Samaras and Young families!
      Tim, Paul and Carl, rest in peace. You will never be forgotten!

      Our condolences,

      Stormchasing Team Harz Heide
      Texte in meiner Funktion als Administrator sind rot, alles andere ist meine private Meinung.
      My sympathy goes to the friends and especially his family.

      Rest in Peace
      Texte in rot verfasse ich in meiner Funktion als Administrator, alles andere ist meine private Meinung.

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      Tim and his team started something really exciting to learn more about tornadoes. Unfortunately, before they were able to understand all the details, the most recent tornado should be their last... It was very sad for me to hear the news of their accident (in 2010 and 2012 I had the pleasure of meeting Tim in person at the extreme weather congress in Bremerhaven).

      In honor of his achievements towards a detailed analysis of tornadoes and better warnings for the public, it is our task to continue research on tornadoes like Tim did. Every researcher who works in the field should be aware of the fact that the next field campaign may be the last one - this is not only true for tornado research. The passion of learning something new is the driving force for all of us in this field - and this force is stronger than the fear of a fatal accident. Someone always has to pay the price - only God knows why it should be Tim, Paul and Carl on this disastrous day.

      I will never forget you and what you did for science and the storm chaser community. Your motivation and curiosity to discover the secrets of tornadic thunderstorms should encourage all of us to gain more knowledge about extreme weather phenomena and to protect the public from natural disasters.

      My deepest sympathies go to the families and friends of Tim, Paul and Carl.

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